Intricate details intrinsic to an inevitable fate...

...Was it the result of intricate details intrinsic to an inevitable fate or just by coincidence that our lives became intertwined? Without a few specific and timely occurrences, our paths never would have crossed. And once finally face to face, weeks passed until we saw each other again. But there was an undeniable connection from the beginning.

We were defeated souls from "previous lives,"then.

Ignorant to the magnitude of the flaws in my character, I proceeded cautiously, mistrusting and doubtful. We were revisiting our own selves whilst simultaneously delving into a new relationship. I remember feeling as though blindfolded; only being permitted to peer out for brief moments in time. Moments which signified glimpses of understanding in who I was; then moving slowly forward as if stepping barefoot in the dark, on a surface unknown...

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

6:11 A.M.

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